Press releases

24/07/09 - Benoît LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU are ready to accept the new challenge!

Benoit LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU, known as PYM, are going to cross North Atlantic and try establishing a time reference in the direction New York - Lorient on their « OCTO FINANCES » 20-feet non-habitable vessel. After spending winter transforming the boat and preparing themselves physically to face the extreme navigation conditions of this new course in serenity, they are nearing their goal. The vessel is currently in New York at Liberty Landing Marina in Hudson Bay, right at the feet of the Statue of Liberty.

07/08/09 - New York/Lorient in a sport catamaran: Orange Code for OCTO FINANCES.

For Benoît LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU, the countdown has just begun at the feet of Miss Liberty. While he has just succeeded the express North Atlantic crossing and beaten the record of the giant boat of Pascal BIDEGORRY and his crew, Pierre-Yves MOREAU, known as PYM, and his friend Benoit LEQUIN are preparing for a new challenge with the elements : New York / Lorient in less than 17 days on board with their OCTO FINANCES sport catamaran. The route planner, Christian DUMART, has declared a good weather forecast for August, 11. The French navigators from Lorient are currently on stand-by, awaiting the approval which will only be confirmed 2 days before the departure. Four days before the hypothetical departure, the pressure is rising and the crew is concentrating.

24/08/09 - OCTO FINANCES challenge, New York/Lorient in a sport catamaran: They’ve just left!

Benoit LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU known as PYM, are going to attempt the impossible and set a new record in the world of the race of scope. Supported by their families, the whole Pays de Lorient, the big sailing network and all the partners who are following them through this challenge, they are going to make it : After forced stand by caused by tropical cyclones Ana and Bill, good weather conditions have been confirmed yesterday and the starting signal has been done by the route planner, Christian DUMART.