24/07/09 - Benoît LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU are ready to accept the new challenge!

Benoit LEQUIN and Pierre-Yves MOREAU, known as PYM, are going to cross North Atlantic and try establishing a time reference
in the direction New York - Lorient on their « OCTO FINANCES » 20-feet non-habitable vessel. After spending winter
transforming the boat and preparing themselves physically to face the extreme navigation conditions of this new course in
serenity, they are nearing their goal. The vessel is currently in New York at Liberty Landing Marina in Hudson Bay, right at the
feet of the Statue of Liberty.

New York/Lorient in a sport catamaran: OCTO FINANCES is in New-York.

Ce communiqué en français.

The catamaran arrived in New York in mid June, entirely dismantled, after a crossing in a container. Benoît was on the spot to
receive it, then for many days they proceeded to the reassembling and technical adjustments of the catamaran with their assistant,
At the arrival of PYM, the team members launched into water and do the necessary verifications for a first navigation in front of
Manhattan. The electronic on board and the automatic cast off system of hatchways, in case of important instability and especially
adapted for this record, perfectly function.
The desalinators tests were also positive, they will provide vital water to navigators who will bring a few freshwater with them
during the crossing.
Benoît and Pierre-Yves are spending two days test on sea, to validate the performances and the functioning of OCTO FINANCES during
As soon as the weather conditions are better, the next step in New York will be to check the personal security equipment of sailors,
as well as the supply of the boat. On board, everything is meticulously sorted in six waterproof compartments, which trapdoors are
tagged with a food list, bag by bag. Food, mainly freeze-fried, will be rationed for 17 days of navigation.
For the two team members, stand by periods are a bit difficult, but they remain serene. “Now we look forward to leaving: the boat
is ready, we are waiting for good weather conditions and for the approval of Christian DUMARD, our route planner.” Pressure has
not rised yet!
The same state of mind is shared within OCTO FINANCES, the company of Arnaud de BOUROUSSE and Talabor SZABO. “After being
stirred with their Dakar to Pointe à Pitre crossing record, the whole OCTO FINANCEs team can’t wait for the next departure of
Pierre-Yves and Benoît in New York. We are all very proud to have put our colours on their ambitious challenge and we are with all
our heart with them for this new adventure.”
This stopover is also the occasion for the Bretons to take pictures of New York at the feet of the Statue of Liberty: pictures and
souvenirs are already there at the Cité de la Voile, in Lorient‘s harbour, just where was once built in 1863, then sinked by Germans
in 1943, the « Isère » three-mast vessel, which transported the famous Bartholdi statue, emblem of the USA in 1885!

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